Grand daughter goodness

9 04 2011

Sorry I don’t blog more. Here’s a couple reasons why.


Pushing Avah in a swing.


Feeding Ruby pinecones.


Explaining the republican party to Avah.


Promising Ruby a pony.



16 responses to “Grand daughter goodness”

9 04 2011
MargaretWV (09:28:19) :

Unbelievable cuteness!!

9 04 2011
Andrea_R (11:10:06) :

Two excellent reasons!

Omg, the cute. :) Do you get anything at all done when they are around? And TWO! How lucky. :)

I know when we visit Isabella, who lives too far away, we just start at her for like…. an hour….

9 04 2011
Meg (12:33:14) :

How adorable!

You could just fill your blog with pictures…

9 04 2011
Doc (12:46:49) :

Oh good, I thought I was the only one who just stared at my grandkids. And I see them both fairly often. I guess I just can’t get over that they exist.

9 04 2011
Val (15:34:10) :

GORGEOUS! Were you surprised too by how plain old happy they make you? That was the most unexpected aspect of being a grandparent for me–that dumb-grin kind of happy. They look nothing alike and yet they’re both so pretty. love, Val

10 04 2011
Laurie B (18:47:50) :

So happy for you Doc! They are both beautiful grandbabies! You are so going to love every moment with your grand kids. Enjoy and don’t worry about posting.

11 04 2011
Rebel (06:22:56) :

What sweeties! I would just play with them all the time too.

11 04 2011
JJ (09:07:09) :

My kids laugh at me because whenever we see a dog walking along, I grin and say, “happy dog!” Seeing happy dogs just make my day no matter what’s going on. Now thanks to Doc, I see that beautiful, un-self-conscious babyfaces have the same effect on me, for the same reason. These adorable beings are the very ESSENCE of what spontaneous smiling is all about. 😀

12 04 2011
SabrinaT (22:15:48) :

BEAUTIFUL!! Wonderful babies.. Have a wonderful time Doc! Just keep posting pictures.

14 04 2011
Anne (18:04:40) :

Oh they are beautiful!!!!!!!
I hope you are enjoying being a grandma. I think my Mom liked it even more than being a Mom!!!

21 04 2011
Mel (07:06:52) :

Cute grandbabies. Nice to see the post Doc.

26 04 2011
Crissy (07:03:53) :

Oh, my. Beautiful babies!
You must be so in love!

1 05 2011
Harry (20:20:20) :

How did you pick the spelling of the name Avah? It is very unique.

2 05 2011
Doc (08:46:37) :

Well, “Harry”, I didn’t name her. Her parents decided on the spelling because her mother’s name, Sarah, ends in ah.

13 05 2011
Bill Casti (18:13:46) :

Very cute kids! But then, they have a cute grandma, too. 😛

27 05 2011
Mom #1 (14:43:54) :

Oh, they ar so beautiful. Isn’t being a grandma the BEST?

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