Grandma update

10 12 2011

I am now a grandma of THREE.

Meet Fisher (Avah’s little brother)


Avah is a big girl now. Her family nickname is Cheeseball.


Ruby, 18 months going on 16 years. She has a large vocabulary and uses it.

(she might get that from me, I don’t know)


Grandkids, school, and farm chores. That’s my life now. :)



8 responses to “Grandma update”

10 12 2011
Andrea_R (11:14:14) :

Ohhhh my goodness. :) Grandchildren are indeed worth it. We’ll have a second next year! Can’t wait.

11 12 2011
Rebel (13:25:26) :

She MIGHT get that from you?! LOL Beautiful grandchildren!

11 12 2011
SabrinaT (13:29:01) :

Congratulations… What beautiful grandkids… They must get their looks from you~ :)

11 12 2011
Val (19:40:30) :

So beautiful. Congratulations to you all. love, Val

12 12 2011
Mom #1 (07:49:11) :

The babies are breathtaking. So sweet!

I hope you’re enjoying life now. Mine has changed so much too, some days I long for the good old days, others, I’m pleased with the present. *SIGH* Such is life, I guess.

20 12 2011
country wife (20:20:18) :

Awwwwwww!! They are sooo cute!!!

Glad to see you posting again! We’ve missed you. :)

3 01 2012
SuperN (22:02:18) :

I just can’t get over how beautiful they are. You are one lucky grandma!

27 02 2012
TulipGirl (14:43:34) :

Precious grandbabies!

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