Look, it’s a Lessenberry!

29 04 2008

Greg Laden’s hit count must be low. He’s writing about homeschooling again.


Remember Greg? We’ve already been here. Apparently he doesn’t remember.

Greg posts about homeschooling when he’s not getting hits (even though he doesn’t know anything about homeschooling, or commenting on blogs, or science.



19 responses to “Look, it’s a Lessenberry!”

29 04 2008
Greg Laden (12:02:05) :

Hey what happened to the Evolved Home schooler badge?

29 04 2008
Doc (12:24:43) :

Cluttered sidebars are for edutards.

29 04 2008
Andrea_R (12:32:51) :

We’ll give him points for Linkbait 101 tho. 😉

29 04 2008
Natalie (13:48:04) :

Why can’t the haters focus on fixing the public schools? Surely that would be a far more useful endeavor, and one that would (hopefully) help many more children, too.

(I commented on his blog entry, but I am not a regular reader there, and doubt I’ll return.)

29 04 2008
ElectricBarbarella (14:09:15) :

I got my comment in. This should get interesting. :)

29 04 2008
COD (14:12:09) :

It is a well done troll. And we should know better than the feed the trolls, especially on their home turf.

29 04 2008
Doc (15:39:27) :

I do have to question the logic of assuming that EVERY public school teacher is “good” or even better than a parent when it comes to teaching. All that training? Please. My son graduated from one of the best educational programs in the country last year (Western Oregon State) and he can tell you the truth – the amount of time they spent learning to teach was dismal, compared to the amount of time they spent learning to manage large groups of children (not the same thing), making lesson plans from canned curriculum, and “teaching to the test”. Even good teachers aren’t allowed to be innovative in their approach – they’re told exactly what to teach and how to teach it, and it better result in their students doing well on a standardized test because that’s the only indicator of their job performance. Add in the ever growing numbers of drug and alcohol affected children, apathetic family structures, poor and hungry students, and you can’t tell me that even “good” teachers are guaranteed to do a better job than the average parent. No. Fucking. Way.

29 04 2008
ElectricBarbarella (16:01:13) :

Well, considering my “good teacher” is also a homeschool parent :).. but yes, everything you say is correct. He does have to spend an awful amount of time doing all the things you said, but not enough time actually educating. But he tries, he tries real hard. He’s currently one of the top Physics teachers in his school and he’s the school’s only AP physics teacher at that.

So he really does try, but considering the material he has to work with.


29 04 2008
Dawn (16:17:25) :

Doc – That’s exactly what I’ve learned by reading education and teacher blogs. The edutards seem to be ignorant of not only what’s going on in homeschooling but even what many teacher’s think about teacher training and the school systems. I can’t help but think a lot of teachers wouldn’t thank those Lessenberrys for their glossed over, idealistic view of public schools. After all, how can change ever happen if we pretend it’s not needed?

30 04 2008
Greg Laden (05:59:25) :

Even good teachers aren’t allowed to be innovative in their approach – they’re told exactly what to teach and how to teach it, and it better result in their students doing well on a standardized test because that’s the only indicator of their job performance.

Yes, and it is even worse than that. With statewide tests, at least in Minnesota (but this is probably similar elsewhere) the teachers could, in theory, “teach to the test” but they don’t even know what the test is going to have on it, exactly. Right now, it is the time of year when my wife (a life science teacher) and her colleagues are discussing whether or not they happen to cover a particular item that was tested earlier this week. My wife is feeling pretty lucky that a couple of the test questions happen to coincide exactly with examples she chose to illustrate key points in her 10th grade biology class.

30 04 2008
Andrea_R (07:17:08) :

And it’s not new either – I’ve talked ot many retired teachers who had the same issues 20 years ago. Some were told to shut up and fall in line or loose their jobs.

30 04 2008
Dawn (15:50:39) :

I don’t know Greg. I find it inconsistent, to say the least, that you come over here with a reasonable tone for discussion and yet cultivate just the opposite tone on your own blog. It’s like talking politely with the co-worker in his office and then going back to your own to gossip and insult him.

Pick your poison and then stick with it. Do you want to engage the homeschooling communuty or do you want to flame it?

1 05 2008
JJ Ross (06:51:32) :

SIlly rabbit! Homeschoolers are smart enough to have learned that lesson already Dawn — no need for remediation!

Doc, you might want to see this. I’m liking your word “edutard” and Alasandra’s parody using it.

1 05 2008
Doc (08:01:07) :

Saw it, blogger wouldn’t allow me to comment though…

Seems Greg has subscribed to all his favorite homeschool blogs, eh?

1 05 2008
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1 05 2008
JJ Ross (09:07:23) :

Or it could be the problem with anyone commenting at Snook is that we’ve blocked and banned all those words like “cmf” and Greg Laden! WordPress really is a good blog home . . .

3 05 2008
COD (15:34:37) :

Shouldn’t that be a Ladenberry? That would be a good descriptive term for any long winded, pompous blog post that is high on hyperbole but low on facts.

3 05 2008
JJ Ross (17:20:17) :

I’m with Chris!

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