1 05 2008

Spineless. No visible sex organs. Parasitic.

Just like Greg Laden.

Like the cat and the roundworm, this is not a beneficial relationship. Greg takes and takes, using the popularity of blogs like this to generate a few hits to his own feeble link farm.

Too bad we can’t simply dose the host (blog) with piperazine and be done with him.



7 responses to “Nematode”

1 05 2008
Andrea_R (11:57:17) :

I saw we all vow to not link to people like this in the furture.

I’ve noticed a trend. Soemone in the homeschooling circles will find someone spouting off plain ol’ wrong information in their blogs, they’ll link it, get outraged, fire everyone else up, who then link to it and really – the only one who wins is the guy who was wrong, because ultimately he gets the traffic.

And check and see if they have ads, becasue that means $$$. Even if they don’t it’s an ego stroke for them.

I’m tired of arguing with people over what, in their mind, is hypothetical or theory. I have real kids who are doing just dandy. If they want to meet me and then tell me to my face my kids will be stupid, they can try. 😉

1 05 2008
Doc (12:19:09) :

I know, I know. But the poor dog can’t help but drag his ass on the carpet….

1 05 2008
JJ Ross (12:31:44) :

Hey! Does that make us the dog, the ass or the carpet??

2 05 2008
Meg L (04:45:31) :

we’re the ones who see him doing it and put the fool animal outside to do it’s business or take it to the vet to have it’s glands expressed….

2 05 2008
Alasandra (04:46:09) :

Thanks for the link.

And thanks for the word Edutard. I love the way it sounds. Who knew it would start a firestorm though.

2 05 2008
JJ Ross (07:15:29) :

Thanks Meg, for clearing that up! 😉

4 05 2008
Moses (04:40:15) :

I left him a comment. He is an ass. And a parasite. Which is why I almost never read his blog.

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