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IMG_6289 October 2015 Winning NW Cannabis Classic’s Best Concentrate w/ ‘The Heisman’ grown by yours truly.

Someone who once chronicled the homeschooling of 4 active and bright children. Now I’m thinking, why give that shit away? Fuck that, I’m going to publish. Better late than never πŸ˜‰Β  Along the way I gathered like minded individuals around me and together we pioneered some online secular homeschooling. Trust me, you don’t need that shit – if you found this site, just say “thanks” and move along to the next entry. I did some stuff though – I helped spark some discussions about the dark side of homeschooling – The Pearls and their ritualistic child abuse techniques, and the people who support them and allowed themselves to be exploited in the name of selling a book or magazine. It got me interviewed for Slate Magazine. It allowed me to meet Ree Drummond when she was just Ree my friend, andΒ (according to her) was the inspiration she needed to start her own blog – and the rest is history. I have made many friends; the good ones have followed me away from here.

I’m a backwoods Oregon hick. Liberal, but not insane about it.

I’m still a mother of four beautiful (adult) children, who were homeschooled, moved along in life, and are either married or partnered or just happy. 6 grandkids and another due in spring of 2016. They all live nearby, 2 on farms of their own. I’m super proud.


I was a retired scientist, then homeschool teacher, then student (Business – Eastern Oregon University 2014), and now business owner. I’m currently (2016) getting my real estate license, since that’s a new hobby and earning commissions instead of paying them is a bonus.

I am a farmer. Just goats, a garden, and shit ton of weed. Legal weed. Award winning legal weed.

Once a sister and daughter, my siblings and parents are gone, all victims of their own demons. I’m breaking the mold and living to 100.

I am a human, complete with faults, and maybe a little wisdom.

I don’t blog anymore. In fact, I took my posts down. You can find me in person here: My Twitter.

If you’re not a complete idiot, you can probably find me elsewhere. However, should you decide to be weird or stalk me, I won’t give you a second chance. And I’m much, much, much smarter than you. Haven’t I already proven that? πŸ˜‰


23 responses to “About Me”

24 02 2008
katie (20:32:11) :

not a little wisdom, A LOT OF WISDOM. You’re one of the sagiest dames I know.

6 03 2008
Mary (18:02:45) :

I just found your web sight… how nice it is to have a fellow lesbian homeschooler/unschooler out in the world… (0: I have enjoyed many of your blogs, with all your faults and your wisdom…I look forward to reading more.

6 03 2008
Doc (19:44:18) :

I agree, nice to know there’s another one out there.. stop by anytime.

8 03 2008
david (12:02:59) :

Nice to finally find someone on the net that is not telling me that to homeschool I have to accept christ or not teach evolution.

8 03 2008
Kalli (14:57:24) :

Just came across our website and haven’t laughed outloud like this in a long time. You are a breath of fresh air and I wish there were more people like you out there in this world.

21 03 2008
ghost (22:03:47) :

the default is agnostic. naturally.

5 05 2008
Jennifer (09:09:20) :

Just landed here from Confessions of a Pioneer Woman and have to admit I have only viewed homeschooling through the mud-colored glasses of fundamentalist christianity.

Thanks for the opportunity to remind myself, yet again, that the world is far too big a place for small ideas.

– Mom of a public school IB student

5 05 2008
Stephanie (12:57:03) :

Came here via PW too. Once I clicked on your about page, I knew I’d visited your blog in the past. I currently homeschool one of my children (this will be our last year, unfortunately) and only wish our circumstances were different — I’d homeschool through high school if they wanted. I’m glad to have found you again!

6 05 2008
Amy (07:11:59) :

Hi Doc, great site! I recently learned from my ultra-conservatively Christian homeschooled nephew that cavemen weren’t real and that they’re just a lie scientists made up to make people not love Jesus. Wow–I had no idea! πŸ™‚ It’s great to see a different form of homeschooling out there. You’ve made me think that maybe it’s not so bad afterall. Thanks for sharing it with us.

18 05 2008
Melanie (08:14:31) :

A homeschooling mother of two hooligans. Love your blog!

12 06 2008
corky (12:28:05) :

I just want you to know that you are the first homeschooler I have heard of that is not a right wing nut job!!!!!!! ALLRIGHT!!!!!! I have decided to go for it, I am fed up with my girls education or lack there of. I have put it off this long because I could not find any curriculum that was not pure speculation. Thanks for giving me hope.

9 07 2008
Sarah (13:58:51) :

I stumbled across your blog serendipitously and I’m so glad that I did! You have put together the most amazing list of resources and they are not Christian based! Yay! I’ve been debating back and forth for so long about homeschooling my children, but I’ve been afraid of either failing them and not being able find any resources for non-Christian families (among many other things). I am going to look at all the information you have provided and give serious consideration to homeschooling again. Thank you!

16 07 2008
Sarah Chia (10:07:01) :

Just found your site as I’m preparing for “unschooling” my 8-year-old. We’ve been doing homeschooling for 2 years now, and I’m ready to transition away from traditional stuff. I’m not quite ready to go all loosey, though, so I like your resources that have some great structure ideas (including the goal setting stuff) as well as ways to keep learning fun and integrated into every part of our lives.

BTW, I’m a Christian. Hope I’m allowed to come back. πŸ˜‰

22 07 2008
Lynn (06:43:43) :

I’m so pleased to find a rational homeschooler! I knew they (you) were out there somewhere! I’m homeschooling one, age 13 and the other, age 12 is starting at a private school – different needs for different kids! Homeschooling scared me at first but it turns out I just love it! Keep blogging!

26 07 2008
FertileMyrtle (19:54:41) :

Yeah, I am pretty glad I have found you, your blog, and your seemingly endless links of resources! I am a mom to five kids and we have just began homeschooling in quite an unschooly way. My kids are 11, 8, 7, 3, and a wee little nursling. Previously the oldest three were attending **shudders** public school and I yanked them home in March of this year.

I have days where all I can do is sit and shake with fear that my kids are not going to learn anything… and those are the days that I pull out the workbooks.

I know this fear is common among beginning unschoolers, and I try to reassure myself. This blog is very reassuring. I have spent way too much time reading it tonight.

I am particularly fond of your thoughts on organization, planning, and scheduling.

I am sorry for the particularly lengthy comment. I can’t seem to access your “contact” page from my laptop. I wanted to email you.

Well, I’ll be back. I need all of the help I can get.


21 10 2008
leslie (08:44:18) :

hi doc-
i am so thrilled to have found your blog ( thanks to Ree). who you are, what you think and what you do are near and dear to my heart. i will now spend many hours reading all your past blogs.

Leslie from Philadelphia

ps- speaking of passing along info on cerebral blogs, you might want to check out Unsaved Loved ones; i think you might find it funny and compelling. i found the blog on the same site i found Pioneer Woman—-> Egullet.org a wonderful culinary site.

22 10 2008
Jennifer (18:48:31) :

Hi Doc,
I’m a Christian homeschooler. I’m so sad to read all the comments about Christians. We are taught to draw men to Jesus, not push them away. I apologize for the ones who have brought on the Christian stereotypes. I wish you peace.

7 11 2008
Jen @ VBACFACTS.com (20:05:45) :

Hi Doc!

I discovered your site through Ree’s and just wanted to thank you for all the great homeschooling materials as well as laughs. I’ve already used the Butterflies & Moths unit with my four year old. She so loves bugs! It’s also nice to meet another homeschooler who is secular.

I am fascinated by your and Ree’s life in rural areas. I’ve lived in urban/suburban areas all of my life and my husband and I dream of living in a more remote, rural area where we can have goats, a larger garden, and lots of land for our kids to run around and play. We don’t move because my in-laws are pretty wonderful and have a great relationship with my children which I want to keep intact. But I wonder if we ever did move, if I would make real friends in a rural town. I’m your typical crunchy homebirthing, extended breastfeeding, cloth diapering, organic gardening, composting, politically moderate mom raising two kids & three laying hens that reside in a coop my husband built. I’ve read a bit of your blog and you refer to your neighbors as 100% conservative. I don’t know if I would be happy to live in an area like that – where I live is conservative enough! I like friends. Are you a “happy loner” or have you managed to make friends who you can really identify with & enjoy their company? Or do you just not talk about politics? During my first year or two as a stay-at-home mom, I spent numerous afternoons in the presence of other homeschooling/stay-at-home moms who I have very little in common with just because I was lonely (which sounds so sad as I actually type it out.)

As an aside, I voted no on Prop 8 in California and really respect the fact that you kept raising your kids as one of your major priorities over romantic relationships. I think so many people, gay and straight, don’t understand how important a stable household is for kids as well as the meaning of commitment As someone who came from a chaotic household and together with my husband created a calm one for our kids to grow up in, I can attest to this personally.

Much love,


11 11 2008
Denise K (06:50:12) :

Hey, long time, no see. A lifetime ago we were fellow refugees from the overwhelming Christianity and heavy-handiness of the Vegsource homeschooling boards. I’m no longer homeschooling, my 4 older kids are adults and my youngest is a freshman in high school. I’m attending college full time, working part time, and enjoying being a liberal Democrat in rural, redneck Idaho.

11 11 2008
Doc (08:08:31) :

Dude! I don’t homeschool either. Now I just critique everyone else. Heh.

20 07 2009
MudbugMeanie (08:05:58) :

This site is refreshing. I am just beginning our homeschool journey after 4 years of having my kids in the public school system.
So far I have learned that on a homeschool forum you don’t question anything, you must have a slanted to the right viewpoint, and you need to believe the earth is only a few thousand years old.
So far I have broken all these rules trying to have adult discussions/debate that I am almost banned from the first homeschool forum I joined.
My posts are not Christ-focused I have been told and I have caused the first ever entire thread to be removed from the message board. All for using 1 word-propaganda… Am I to feel chastised? Or should I feel proud? The truth is if I caused just one person to think for themselves and truly evaluate what was being said on the forum then I am proud!
I will be back and truly enjoyed your blog.

7 04 2010
Ali (07:16:08) :

Interesting to find you. I have a fledgling blog of almost the same name so I thought I’d come figure out who the hell stole my idea, i mean, what soul-sister I’ve got out there who also chooses to rant in the morning sun. πŸ™‚ Well – wishes to ya.

13 06 2011
Mafalda (10:58:01) :

Hola Doc,

Here in Spain it is not usual to homeschooling, what a pitty!!!!
I love your blog especially your secular-resources, I hope to use them with my grandchildren. Have noticed that my English is not very good!!!!!

Muchos besos desde EspaΓ±a.

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