It’s come to the time when I need to clarify my comment/email policy.

For the most part, if you’re respectful, your comments will be published. I can’t promise not to mock them, and I certainly don’t promise not to center a post around the juiciest specimens, but this is my blog and your comments become my property once you hit the “submit comment” button.

Historically, I’ve allowed many comments that do not agree with my views.

I do suggest that comments be related to the post in question, and that you don’t hash out your personal problems, challenges, or disagreements with me via comments. My email is posted under the “contact” icon; I ask that you use that instead of airing your grievances in public. However, if you choose to ignore this suggestion, be prepared to suffer for consequences.

I try to answer all emails. Sometimes they don’t require a response. Sometimes they’re hateful and I just laugh and delete them. Sometimes they’re painful and I set them aside for a bit. Sometimes I don’t get them because my spam filter eats them. Sometimes I’m just too busy – and I apologize for that.

Sometimes my aggressive spam filter eats comments. I rarely remember to check the file, so if your comment was benign and it was never published, that’s probably what happened to it. I do not moderate comments.

Regardless – remember that emails become my property once they land in my inbox, and I’ll use them (or reprint them) as I see fit.

Please, if you decide, after reading this policy, to go ahead and email or comment me, and I use those emails and comments maliciously, don’t whine that you’re going to have me arrested or something equally as moronic. I’ll just block your access to my site. I may just block your individual ability to comment, leaving you impotent.

Additionally – if you’re directed here because of something you read on another site or blog, consider whether the words you’ve read are direct quotes I’ve made, or opinions voiced by the owners of those sites. Your reaction should reflect that. If you have a question about something I “may” have said, a search window is provided in the sidebar, OR, you can email me and ask.

Finally – I respond well to logic, reason, and respect. If you’re nice, I’ll be nice.

2 responses to “Policies”

20 11 2008
Doug at Taunt Vortex (13:58:58) :

Great blog. Interesting and entertaining. I’ll be back.

20 06 2009
dusty (dirt clustit) (06:03:17) :

Yep brilliant.
I am not challenging you on your claim to be smart or write smart or write well but what the fuck are you doin?

Why do you people still fuck with me? huh professor?

Hard for me to believe it’s out of pity for me.


and it looks like when you went for a dash of stupidity you found out someone had unscrewed the top and you dump over half the shaker of pure dumb into the mix.

here is your translation professor

you fuckin steal from me and get away with it. make a fool out of me and get away with it. now you are fuckin dumb enough to start fuckin with me in real life. continue to thieve my shit. AND you’re dumb enough to ridicule me online….and in i way that there is NO WAY i wouldn’t see it.

I think your stupid

but I give you the benefit of the doubt and leave it at angry, hurt, and recently suicidal (evedentally)
but I’m not going to argue with you.

post whatever you want. reading mean shit was never my obsession. uncovering the lies meant to have me believe i was crazy it what i obsessed over.

anyway fuck you, return my shit, if i see you or your friends lurkin round my house in the middle of the night (or day) and especially if I have my daughters. The second they leave for their mother’s I will loose my shit.

so I would appreciate it if you stopped.

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